Holistic Wellness

Holistic Wellness

Our holistic approach is to help you clear your mind, transform your body and nourish your spirit.. We want to help improve the quality of your life by using the healing properties of essential oils, rebalancing energies, and providing you with information to help you achieve your wellness goals.

* Packages available at 20% discount!



First appointment consultation / $50

Our Clinical Aromatherapy Practitioner, is certified by the Institute of Integrative Aromatherapy. We are passionate about assisting our clients in assessing their health concerns in a safe, professional, holistic manner using pure and organic essential oils. What are the benefits can I get from Aromatherapy? Arthritis pre/post surgery, inflammation, first aid, sleep, cold/flu, stomach issues, headaches, restless leg syndrome, depression and So much more!

Zyto Balance Scans

Balance Scan - 15 min / $25
Wellness Scan - 30 min / $50
Nutritional Scan - 120 min / $200

What are Zyto Scans?
The Zyto Balance and Wellness Scans are a non-invasive digital evaluation that measures whole body health. The use of these scans can help determine what is out of balance in the body by assessing biomarkers that are out of range. These biomarkers include foods, toxins, nutritional support, body organs, body systems and emotions.
What benefits can I get from a Zyto Balance and Wellness Scans?
Allergies Attention Deficit
Digestion Fatigue
Headaches Heart Circulation
Balance Hormones Immune
Metabolism Reduce Pain / Inflammation

* Packages available at 20% discount


Evox Scan First Session - 90 min / $175
Evox Scan Follow-up - 60 min / $125

Perception creates reality and has a powerful impact on your entire life, including your overall health and wellbeing. The way you think creates your outlook on life situations or circumstances and is often determined by things beyond your control. Perception Is most often influenced by others, or patterns inherited from parents and grandparents.

What is a Zyto EVOX Scan?
Zyto EVOX uses your voice as the indicator of perception. During an EVOX session, the computer will record and track subtle energetic qualities in your voice. This information is used as part of a process called Perception Reframing.

What Shift Perceptions can the EVOX Scan Reframe?
Behaviors Wellness
Self-image Performance
Addictions Inherited beliefs
Relationships Emotions