Waxing for Hair Removal in Houston, TX

Experience the benefits of professional waxing treatments for hair removal. Waxing makes hair finer, slows and reduces regrowth, and saves time. Regular waxing benefits the skin, helps fight ingrown hairs, and avoid razor burn. Schedule with us today!

Waxing Prices

Eyebrow Wax


Upper Lip Wax


Chin Wax


Cheeks Wax


Half Face Wax


Full Face Wax


Under Arms Wax


Half Arm Wax


Full Arms Wax


Half Leg Wax


Full Legs Wax

$80 and up

Bikini Wax

$35 and up

French Wax

$45 and up

Brazilian Wax

$55 and up

Full Back Wax

$85 and up

Epiderm Wax

$7 per pump
EpilaDerm EnzymeCare reduces hair growth enzymatically (protein-splitting) so that the hairs are thinner, lighter, softer and grow less over time.
This effective method for reduction is safe for any unwanted body for hair for all sexes, races, and hair color.